HS Senior Shoot Experience

New: High School Senior Pictures Referral Program

Senior Pictures are about one of life’s milestone transitions.  They celebrate a closing of a chapter of your life that is indelibly written on your mind and heart and will be looked back upon throughout your life.  During the time that began as a child away from home, usually for the first time, to this day as you enter into your final year, you have become a unique person with a combination of talents, abilities, interests, and accomplishments that sets you apart from everyone else.  It’s a time that must be captured in images that portray who you are.

At Gil Hooper Photography, because we are a small, custom studio, we can get to know you as an individual and design a photo shoot experience that is like nobody else is offering.

Here’s how it works if you decide we are the right studio for you:

  1. You will complete a pre-session questionnaire that helps us get a basic understanding of who you are.
  2. We will schedule a consultation with you and your parents or guardians where we will get to know each other better and design your photo shoot experience.
  3. We will schedule your session at the location(s) that fit your needs.
  4. We will provide you with some helpful tips and suggestions on how to prepare for your session.
  5. We will meet at the agreed upon location on your scheduled date and time.  An adult must accompany you if you are under 18 years of age.
  6. We’ll have fun at the photo shoot and move from location to location depending on the plan
  7. We will prepare the best images shot that day for your selection (usually takes about a week)
  8. We will meet again to view the images and select the products you want
  9. We will process your selections (another week)
  10. You will pick up your order.

If you are interested in having a custom photo shoot with Gil Hooper Photography, then get started by completing the pre-session questionnaire below.

What High School will you be graduating from?
Days, evenings, week ends only, etc.
Please enter the best contact number
Describe your interests, extra curricular activities, sports, clubs, music, societies, achievements, etc.